Radiant Panel Chamber


The MarlinEngineering, Inc ME1300 Radiant Panel Chamber provides a means of testing the flammability and flame propagation of thermal/acoustic insulation material installed in the fuselage of passenger aircraft.  Powder coated steel framed chamber with superwool 607 insulated interior and stainless steel exterior built in accordance with FAA requirements. 

ME1300 Features:

  • 400VAC 3 phase Radiant Panel.
  • PID temerature controller for constant heater setting.
  • Pneumatically operated sliding drawer including automatic operation.
  • Propane pilot burner with integrated flame length indicator.
  • Calibration unit including 1 heat flux gauge.
  • Customized data acquisition software and hardware for calibration and testing.
  • Laser pointer for accurate flame propagation determination.
  • 24" (600mm) scale for measuring flame propagation.

Power input: 230 V ac single phase, 50A

Filtered compressed air input: 90 psi min.

Bottled Propane input: 50 psi min.

Exhaust output: Hood required above chamber

Flammability Testing

Designed and engineered in the USA