Heat Release Chamber


The MarlinEngineering, Inc ME1200 Heat Release Chamber is designed for conducting tests in accordance with the procedures of the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook” DOT/FAA/AR-00/12, Chapter 5. The ME1200 is provided in two parts: Test Chamber (ME1200-1) and Control Unit with data acquisition (ME1200-3).

ME1200 Features:

  • Built in accordance with latest FAA requirments plus upgradability.
  • 4 air cooled Globars.
  • Automated test sample insertion system.
  • Customized data acquisition software and hardware for calibration and testing.
  • Electronic pilot ignition system.
  • Orifice assembly for measuring inlet flow.
  • Full calibration system including 2 heat flux gauges.
  • Seperate control panel with 2 PID controllers for constant power adjustment.

Power input: 230 V ac 50 Hz @ 60A

Filtered compressed air input (control panel): 20 psi

Chamber air input: 200mmHg (7.87 in) @ 4psi

Bottled Methane input: 15 psi

Exhaust output: Hood required above machine

Flammability Testing

Designed and engineered in the USA